Hazcam detects invisible hazards including clear liquid spills, fallen Produce, objects in walkways, deterioration or breakages, obstructions in Fire Exits, pathway hazards such as raised pavers, cracked concrete, curled floor mats, broken handrails, missing steps, and many other hazards. Hazcam sends real time alerts to mobile phones,  digital sign boards, email, Twitter, or any other digital messaging application. 

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Hazcam automatically detects potential hazards and sends alerts to staff members responsible for hazard prevention. This means that immediate action can be taken and potential Slip and Fall accidents prevented.

In the event that a Slip and Fall accident does occur, Hazcam will have recorded the event so that there is no uncertainty about what happened. This can be used to prevent a recurrence or provided as evidence if the matter escalates to legal action.

Hazcam is your 24/7/365 sentry alerting you to risks, threats and hazards.

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