hazcam smart city access point


The Hazcam Smart City Waterproof Access Point is the ultimate edge device for autonomous security and artificial intelligence applications. 

spec photo

The Hazcam Smart City Access Point includes 4G/LTE mobile router with high speed WiFi and Gigabit Power over Ethernet for local processing of up to 4 PoE Network Cameras utilising the onboard Nvidia GPU and Processing power of the Nvidia Jetson Family of embedded AI Platforms.

The Hazcam Smart City Access Point is your ideal platform to deploy and test your AI application in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. 

The Hazcam Smart City Access Point is available from the www.hazcam.io webshop ( https://www.hazcam.io/products/hazcam-intelligent-access-point )

If you require a customised version please provide you requirements via this link ( http://rapidproto.hazcam.io/ )