Jetson Nano IP67 Fanless Aluminium Enclosure

          Jetson Nano IP67 Fanless Aluminium Case

The Jetson Nano represents a unique platform for delivering new and innovative products to market with a very short cycle time.  

Combining the Jetson Nano with the IoTamy IP67 fanless enclosure means that you are ready to sell as soon as your application has been developed.


Please complete the options selection form below to find out how much it costs to get a custom made Jetson Nano IP67 rated Fanless Aluminium enclosure for your new product idea :

Enter quantity. Minimum order = 1 unit
Jetson Nano Dev Kits include default L4T image prior to accepting terms and conditions.
Enclosure environmental rating required
How do you intend to power the device. Multiple options allowed, check all that apply
Do you require Power over Ethernet outputs to power network cameras.
Network options include LAN, WAN, WLAN, WWAN Mobile. Multiple options allowed, check all that apply
Select SSD capacity. The SSD option increases Read to 250MB/S and Write to 180MB/s continuous. Script available to run root file system from SSD.
Built in camera and sapphire optical glass window. Note that the CSI/MIPI connector can break easily so we recommend USB3 UVC Cameras
Thermal LWIR camera module incorporates a fixed focus athermalised lens with matching FoV to visible camera, 8-14um, VoX technology
The finish option on the enclosure can be silver or black. Note that surface finish renders aluminium non-conductive which means that there is no EMC seal between body and panels. If you require full EMC enclosure please select the EMC enclosure option.
Please select services you are interested in discussing further. Multiple options allowed, check all that apply
Specify additional Jetson Nano connectors to be accessible. Multiple options allowed, check all that apply
This product is completely customisable so if you require any specific to your solution please describe that here and we can provide you with an estimated cost

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