Sentribot is an Autonomous Security Appliance utilising Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Camera Technologies to deliver a 24/7/365 sentry that detects risks, threats and hazards for improved security and public safety. 

Traditional security systems provide a record of what happened after the fact but none of them are capable of  prevention or intervention without continuous human supervision and monitoring. This is both costly and prone to human error. 

It is becoming increasing evident that anything anywhere can become a new security threat and that traditional security solutions are rapidly becoming inadequate.

Technology has reached the point where computers are better at recognising patterns, objects and people than humans. Computers are also fully alert 24/7/365 and can process the entire field of view in every frame. Nothing is missed.

Sentribot utilises the latest technology to deliver an innovative platform that is effective, scalable and low cost. Sentribot utilises AI to detect anomalies by looking, listening and learning its environment and creating a model for "Normality". Events that are outside of this model generate an alert which is reviewed immediately in real time before it is either included in the model or escalated to prevention or intervention stage. 

This means that human efforts are more effectively focused on prevention and intervention to improve public safety.

Sentribot – Autonomous Security Appliances  

Sentribot has gone back to the drawing board to re-imagine the future of autonomous security using the latest technologies and the most innovative ideas. 

Sentribot is a Cloud connected autonomous device using Artificial Intelligence that will continuously look, listen and learn its environment so that it can detect anomalies, threats, or suspicious objects.

The Sentribot threat detection database combines the collective knowledge gathered from all Sentribots. 

Potential applications include;

  • home security
  • retail 
  • vandalism 
  • people flow counter, presence and motion detection
  • objects missing 
  • construction sites, public spaces, parks, pathways, alleys, streets etc ...
  • property theft
  • abandoned or suspicious items

Re-inventing Security

Sentribots solve the security problems of…

  • 24/7/365 autonomous security
  • Eliminate dependencies on human monitoring
  • Reduces risk to human security personnel 
  • automate the detection and identification of threats
  • warns subscribers within range if a threat is detected

Smart and Autonomous 

Sentribot includes cameras, sensors, powerful on-board image processing.

Sentribot is a fully integrated Cloud managed solution and incorporates Internet of Things (IoT) "at the edge" processing. This reduces bandwidth, compute and storage at the Cloud. 

Sentribot utilises an array of sensors to identify threats and processes all data at the edge.  This means that there is no requirement for high bandwidth communications and it can operate at much lower power consumption and lower installation cost.

Sentribot Bollard
Sentribot Bollard Camera
Sentribot Mobile
Sentribot Remote Access


Sentribot is your 24/7/365 sentry alerting you to any risks, threats or hazards.

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