Almost every business will rely on Internet of Things technology to some extent within the next 5 to 10 years. This demand will create a huge opportunity for new entrants to grow with the market while gaining the necessary skills and expertise to create their own competitive advantage. 

IoTamy is a trusted Australian brand backed by leading Industry Partners in market segments such as  Industrial IoT, Enterprise, Agriculture, Consumer and more.

Internet of Things, far from being a buzz phrase, is now the driving force behind a billion dollar IoT industry. .The IoT services value chain consists of four elements:

  • strategic consulting 
  • productization 
  • deployment 
  • operations services

These four elements either save or make money for a client by employing connecting sensors that determine a current state to IT infrastructure, the cloud, or to an IoT Gateway.


Even companies that have an IoT team or department are now using Internet of Things providers in rapidly growing numbers. In fact more than two-thirds of companies say they are likely to use the services of an outside IoT consulting company within the next 12 months.

IoT Services is a $10 Billion market in 2017 growing at 30% annually. It employs more than 100,000 engineers and services personnel delivering over 10,000 projects for 8,000 clients.


Why are companies turning to Internet of Things providers? For starters, Internet of Things represents a revolutionary change to traditional methodologies and as such, represents a significant competitive advantage to move now rather than to wait for competitors to do it first. 


IoTamy is looking for investors to help us capture this rapidly growing market. Investors may also represent IoTamy in thier region with full support from IoTamy Australia. You may want to invest as an individual looking to get into the IoT Industry or you may already be in business and looking to add IoT capability. 


IoTamy is outcome driven with deep expertise in solving issues of scalability, upgradeability and security. IoTamy solutions utilise the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, machine vision, real time processing at the Edge.

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