IoTamy is focused on solving real world problems utilising the latest technologies to deliver maximum benefit to your organisation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity of everything is connecting the physical and digital worlds providing better visibility into our environments. It can help us make better and faster decisions through the automation of systems and processes.

IoT is taking the internet into everything that impacts our lives – from engineering to health, infrastructure, agriculture and more. It is the future of digital connectivity, data accumulation and improving system efficiencies

However, IoT is not a Thing, its an End-to-End system typically comprising a diverse set of devices, processes, technologies and protocols. Implementing an IoT solution requires a sound strategy with a balance between innovation, opportunity and risk in addition to a clear and concise understanding of the problem to be solved. 

Our Value Add

  • Improve process performance
  • Optimise asset utilisation
  • Create compelling customer experiences
  • Develop innovative products and services
  • Reduce business risk
  • Improve the brand
  • Increase stakeholder satisfaction

Our solutions deliver maximum value to your organisation through technologies such as;

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Vision & IoT
  • Real Time Processing at the Edge
  • Migration of legacy implementations to the latest technologies

Drawing on our deep technology expertise, we assist organisations to deliver safe and cost effective IoT solutions. Even though technology is the enabler, we take your whole of business value proposition into consideration when architecting new solutions. 

Our services include:

  • technology enablement
  • workflow integration and change management
  • requirements analysis
  • customer experience design
  • onshore and offshore manufacture
  • custom product design and development

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